Healthy Foods For Your Eyes

Healthy Foods For Your Eyes

Word of mouth has made common knowledge of carrots being a huge player in the health of your eyes. But it is rarely mentioned what foods can be eaten with them, or in place of them, to have the same effect on health. Exactly what other foods are good for the eyes and help reduce the risk of ocular diseases?

The eyes are just like the rest of the human body and are kept in their best shape simply by doing what you should already be doing to take care of yourself. A person who takes care to manage a healthy heart by keeping blood pressure in check as well as keeping low cholesterol in the body is well on their way to healthy eyes. Lowering the amount of saturated fats eaten in the diet, keeping a grip on the weight of the body, and keeping a constant intake of antioxidants into the body are all huge steps in the right direction for healthy eyes. The first steps a person can take to do this are simply: Eat nutritious, vitamin rich foods. These are the foods that keep the body at its best, and will be do the same to keep the eyes healthy and disease free.

The Foods


CarrotsStarting with the most known eye food makes the most sense. Carrots sail high on the charts by having a huge storage of delectable disease destroying Vitamin A. Vitamin A is to the go-to vitamin to help prevent night blindness in a person is the all-around essential choice to maintain retinal health.

Vitamin A also helps prevent macular degeneration as well as lowers the risk of a person developing cataracts. Other orange foods have a similar effect to