High Cholesterol And Your Eyes

High Cholesterol And Your Eyes

Most people are aware that high cholesterol is likely to cause a variety of health issues. Cholesterol issues can have consequences for your eyes also.

EyeIncluded in the list of diseases caused by high cholesterol are:


(imbalance of glucose levels in the bloodstream, can lead to other conditions that can damage the kidneys, nerves and cause blindness)

High blood pressure

(which can then lead to heart attack and stroke)


(chest pain caused by insufficient oxygen supply to the heart from reduced blood flow through the arteries due to plaque buildup)

ArtriesTransient Ischemic Attack

(commonly referred to as a TIA or “mini stroke“, this is caused from reduced blood flow to the brain because of plaque clogged arteries)


(hardening of the arteries, usually accompanied by the narrowing of the artery as well)

Peripheral arterial disease

(condition of plaque buildup in the arteries that carry blood to the extremities like your legs, head, arms and also your internal organs, smoking increases your risk of P.A.D by four times)


(high fat diets that generally cause high cholesterol typically lead to obesity as well, obesity is a key factor in many health issues)

EyeSomething that most people are not aware of however is that regardless of whethe