How To Maintain The Good Health Of Eyes: A Programmer’s Guide

If you spend more time on your computer than on your bed each day, you are seriously putting your eye health at risk. Whether you’re using one computer or multiple monitors, it can affect your eyesight due to blue radiation.

Programmers are often in front of their computers to complete daily tasks, hence exposing themselves to certain medical problems such as eye strain and dry eyes.

The more time you spend in front of a digital screen, the less time you have for outdoor activities. This can have a negative impact on your physical health and overall well-being.

So, how do you maintain the good health of your eyes while working on your web development projects for longer hours in a day?


Easy Ways to Achieve Better Eye Health


It’s important to consider the potential risks of prolonged exposure to computer screens. One of the most common possibilities is the development of computer visual syndrome.

To avoid this, below are some simple tips to protect your eyes from radiation and maintain good eye health:

Use your smartphone and computer a little less. Make sure to shut down your computer after work, and leave your phone on the desk. Go out and breathe some fresh air.

Find a relaxing activity that involves nature to freshen you up after a long day of working in front of the screen.

Change your monitor if you’re still using CRT. Many of the programmers and software engineers today are already using computers with LED monitors.

A common reason for that is, CRT monitors often cause dry eyes and eye strain due to brightness and flicker. These monitors also have a lower refresh rate, which leads to discomfort compared to LED displays.

Consult your doctor for some professional advice. The best way to know the exact condition of your eyesight is to visit your ophthalmologist.

A minor problem in your vision can be difficult to notice, so you need to consult the expert to make sure there’s nothing serious about your eye health. Headache can be a sign of blurred vision, but it is commonly ignored.

Adjust your monitor slightly below eye level. Unlike television sets, smartphones and computer screens are closer to your eyes, which can cause myopia and other eye problems.

It’s important to understand the ideal distance between your eyes and your screen, which is 51 centimeters. Also, position your monitor below eye level while the top meets your eye.

Decrease screen brightness to avoid eye fatigue. Contrast and brightness cause eye fatigue. To fix this, make sure you’re adjusting the brightness according to your surroundings.

An effective test to get the ideal brightness is by opening the screen’s white background and see if it looks like fluorescent bulb. If yes, lower the brightness level to avoid straining your eyes while working on your programming projects.

Use the f.lux cross-platform software to understand blue radiation more. Blue radiation is a common cause of vision loss. Although it’s not harmful in small quantities, it can lead to severe visual impairment with prolonged exposure.

f.lux is a program that helps reduce eye strain and other vision loss symptoms. It can adjust color temperature based on the time of day and geographic location of the user.

Another reliable program is Redwerk, which provides healthcare software development systems to help programmers maintain better eye health. Visit the website to know more about this program.

Stick to the 20-20-20 rule. This means that every 20 minutes, you need to focus on an object that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

The idea is to not just focus on one object while using your computer because it can lead to eye fatigue and vision impairment.


Bottom Line


These are only some of the most effective tips to keep your eye health at optimal level. Preserving your vision by protecting your eyes from blue light is a crucial part of being a programmer.

Spending at least 8 hours on your computer every day is a challenging job, so make sure you don’t compromise your vision while doing your tasks.

You can wear computer glasses with a doctor’s prescription to block blue light and other forms of radiation. More importantly, spend some time outdoors to rest your eyes from the digital screen.



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