Do Men And Women Need Different Eye Care?

Is there really a difference in the eye care needs of men and women? Most people may think there aren’t any differences in the eyes of men and women, but it turns out that there are, in fact, gender-specific concerns about eye health.

For example, women are much more prone to dry-eye conditions than men as they age. This is largely due to the effects of menopause and the balance of hormones in the female body. Routine eye exams can identify dry eye and help to treat this condition. Women are also more likely to develop cataracts compared to men. Regular screening and eye exams can help to detect and treat cataract related conditions.

Men aren’t exempt from eye health concerns. Men have a much higher level of colorblindness when compared to women: only 1 in 200 women are affected, while nearly 1 in 12 men are colorblind. The X chromosomes in men are the carriers for color-blindness.

Regardless of gender, regular eye care is crucial. Cataracts or other vision concerns can be identified and treated by eye care professionals. Get started on the path to clear vision today!

Key Points:

  • 1Women are at a higher risk for cataracts and dry eye, especially over age 50.
  • 2Men are much more likely to be color blind.
  • 3No matter your gender regular eye exams are crucial.

Unfortunately for the ladies, they happen to have a higher risk for both cataracts and dry eye. Nearly five million Americans over the age of 50 have dry eye symptoms, and yes, women are much more likely to have dry eye than men. More than three million women over 50 suffer from dry eye, while the men number somewhere over 1.5 million.

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