New Implantable Lens

There is a new implantable lens specifically for those who have what is called “macular degeneration”, but may also be used for people with various other eye conditions, including those with cataracts. They can be implanted in both eyes, a single eye, or even multiple lens in one eye. So far, around 3,000 of these lens have been implanted globally, and have seen positive results in places such as Germany, France, Hungary, Czech Republic and Switzerland. The results of those currently using the implant show to be encouraging, with increased vision where the individual is lacking (usually with seeing near), without compromising the current vision the individual already has with seeing distance. However, as the implant is fairly new, more research needs to be conducted. This year there will be a study taking place in Israel to further research the lens used by those with the main condition “macular degeneration”. It is hoped that the lens will improve the individual’s overall quality of life, with increased performance in every day activities and of course, reading. The study will measure the individual’s vision before the study, and then measure the same factors for each individual at several different points after the surgery.

Key Points:

  • 1Implantable lens are common. Thousands of surgeries have been preformed.
  • 2Blind spots do not increase in size when the correct lens is implanted properly.
  • 3Scharioth Macula Lens that is new shows promise to fix a number of degenerative eye issues.

There are several different types of implantable lenses that are becoming available to those with macular degeneration.

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