Fish Oil Supplements Ineffective Against Dry Eye

While there are health benefits to including fish oil and is omega-3 fatty acids in your regular diet, easing the effects of dry eye syndrome is unfortunately not one of them. A recent research study that appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine looked at hundreds of dry eye patients who volunteered to test […]

Girl wearing Sunglasses

Can Your Eyes Get Sunburned? What to Know About Photokeratitis

Sunglasses are useful for more than just looking cool by the pool. And even though they can be beneficial in protecting your eyes, they’re not a perfect defense. Photokeratitis is a form of sunburn that affects the eye. It occurs when the eyes are exposed to bright sunlight, damaging the eye and your ability to […]

Heart Health and Eye Health Intimately Interconnected

When we think of getting and staying healthy, most of us are focused on, and concerned mostly with, the condition of our heart and lungs and other internal organs. But few people realize the connection the entire body has, and that monitoring a very visible bodily organ like the eyes can be quite revealing when […]

I See Little Black Specks Moving Around, What Is That?

Floaters are a component of every normal, healthy human eye. They’re the black specs that you might sometimes notice in your field of vision. Normally they are unnoticeable, but on occasion they can be briefly visible. When you are focused on something intently, such as your computer or a book you won’t see floaters.   Your […]

Easing Eye Strain from Digital Devices

These days, many of us spend what seem like all of our waking hours using digital devices with sharp, high-contrast screens. Aside from what this might say about other aspects of our lives, the use of these devices stands the chance to cause significant eye issues. However, there are a few simple steps that we […]

Girl wearing Sunglasses

Summertime Sun or Wintertime Snow: Sunglasses are a Must for Every Season