Pointers On Preventing Eye Injury

Knowing the basics of preventing eye injury is essential for everyone. The truth is that most of us don’t really take the health of our eyes very seriously- in fact, many people wear sunglasses because they look stylish, not because they want to protect their eyes. The sad truth is that the importance of taking care of your eyes only becomes apparent when something unfortunate happens.

The Eye Strain Factor

Eye strain lies at the root of a number of eye injuries. It is also one of those things that people don’t take too seriously- in many cases, eye strain or discomfort will only become apparent during activities like reading or sitting at the computer. As a result, most people won’t even be aware of the damage they are doing to their eyes by putting it under so much strain. Conditions like dry eye, blurriness and a variety of headaches can all be traced to eye strain. Thankfully, there are a number of very easy steps you can take to protect your eyes.

If you work at a computer for extended periods of time, it’s important to take a break at regular intervals. During these breaks, give your eyes a rest by closing them or looking at a far away object- simply shifting your view to a nearby window is enough. It’s also a good idea to do simple eye exercises to work your eye muscles. Apart from that, make it a point to blink as often as you can while you work- oftentimes, people working at computers will blink less often than normal. If possible, make sure that the room you work in has a humidifier. As far as your work station is concerned, make sure that your computer screen is not too bright or has a heavy contrast. It’s also important to ensure the room has the right amount of light as well- avoid working in a room where the only light source comes from the computer monitor.

All-Round Eye Protection

Of course eye injuries aren’t just relegated to the work place- a number of injuries happen around the home and even when you’re just having fun. Remember that household cleaning agents can be very harmful if they get in your eyes- handle the products with gloves and wear goggles when you use them. When doing work like carpentry or painting, make sure that your eyes are protected then too. You also need to protect your eyes when you’re having fun as well- the chlorine in swimming pools, for example, can be very irritating to the eyes. Adults and especially children should always wear goggles when swimming.

When playing sports like hockey or basketball, make sure that your eyes are always well-protected. This is especially important for games where the ball or puck often travels at great speed- hockey players and those who play racquet ball should always protect their eyes. Last but not least, when you go out into the sun, wear a good pair of sunglasses. This doesn’t mean a stylish pair but glasses that have adequate UV protection that filters out the sun’s harmful rays. It’s better not to compromise with quality here as cheap, low-quality sunglasses could in fact cause more damage to your eyes.

It’s also important to go for regular eye exams. Many people don’t take this very seriously- however, eye exams can nip potentially large eye problems right in the bud. Apart from that, it can quickly detect the signs of bigger problems, like diabetes. Rest is also very important for your eyes- getting a good night’s sleep are just as important for your eyes as it is for your overall health. Preventing eye injuries and reducing eye strain are relatively easy to do and important for the health of your eyes.


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