Protect Your Eyes When You’re Hitting the Slopes

Protect Your Eyes When You’re Hitting the Slopes

When the Winter arrives, clothing such as sleeveless shirts give way to warmer staples such as heavy duty jackets and scarves. However, the importance of sunglasses cannot be overstated as they protect your eyes in such harsh conditions. There are certain elements of cold weather that can pose some serious risk: glare, ultraviolet (UV) rays exposure and even wind. Despite the absence of the sun, the snow reflects around 80% of UV rays hence doubling one’s exposure risks especially during activities such as shoveling and skiing. Since the skin and eyes are sensitive organs, long term exposure to these elements can create health complications including permanent sunburn damage, intense pain and discomfort, and even the loss of vision (known as snow blindness). Fortunately, solutions exist to alleviate and prevent the aforementioned problems. To protect from wind elements, one can use goggles (that wrap around the eyes with a foam liner). Polarized lenses can help protect the eyes and prevent eye fatigue. For people who prefer activities such as skiing and snowboarding brown and amber tints can help resolve depth perception and aid with visual clarity. Yellow tints are also very suitable for foggy conditions. The options at Dragon Alliance provide products that have great design and diverse functionality. It is crucial to read the label on these products to ensure they meet all the necessary specifications.

Key Points:

  • 1The winter can still be bad on your eyes with snow reflecting almost 80% of those UV back to you.
  • 2Eyes, much like skin, can get hurt by regular overexposure to sunlight.
  • 3Use goggles or wrap around glasses with foam to help protect your eyes and to stop them from getting dried out by wind.

While the skies may gray, the clouds are no match to those powerful UV radiation rays.

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