Summertime Sun or Wintertime Snow: Sunglasses are a Must for Every Season

Summertime Sun or Wintertime Snow: Sunglasses are a Must for Every Season

Think that your eyes are impervious to the sun? Or that maybe sunglasses are only relevant for those long, hot, bright summer days at the beach? Well, think again. In almost every season, and at almost every location, lighting and glare conditions exist which could pose a threat to your vision and eyesight. Fortunately, there exist a myriad of sunglass options which you can employ to ensure that you are safe, protected, and, yes, fashionable no matter what the situation or occasion. And we have some tips that can help you to make the important decision about what glasses to buy and use for the occasion. First and foremost, the role of sunglasses should be to protect your eyes. So, it is non-negotiable that you should purchase glasses that block 100 percent of UVA and UVB radiation. Beyond that, you could also look to polarized glasses to reduce eye strain, or buy certain lens colors for given applications – such as yellow, high-contrast lenses for use in the white landscapes of winter. Aside from the optical properties of the lenses, the form factor and shape of the glasses themselves are up to you – pick a look that fits with the image you’re trying to convey for a given occasion!

Key Points:

  • 1Reflection is still high in the winter especially off snow which reflects back into your eyes.
  • 2Protection also helps your eyes from drying out due to the cold, dry weather.
  • 3Make sure you also wear spf to protect your skin as well as your eyes.

Though UV radiation is generally lower in the fall and winter months, there are a host of conditions that can make it just as high – or significantly higher – as in peak summer months.

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