There Are Tiny Mites Living On Your Face!

If you’ve ever wondered what lives on your body, you’ll be surprised to learn that mites are one of them. You’d be surprised to learn that these tiny microorganisms actually live on your face. There are two types of mites present on the human face, Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis. Although before scientists told us that only 20 percent of people have facial mites, new studies show that they exist in 100 percent of the population. Mites are not found on the surface of the skin, they are actually inside of the pores, making them really hard to find. Now, scientists use DNA sample to find the presence of the mites. Mites have been found to be the source of the medical conditions blepharitis and rosacea. Most all animals have mites and the cause of the mites is currently unknown. Researching mites can tell us much about our evolutionary history.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Mites are much more prevalent than we believed with new testing showing mites have been found on 100% of humans and animals tested
  • 2Mites live in pores on your face they are generally harmless, but can cause rosacea and blepharitus
  • 3Mites multiply as we get older mites and are most likely picked up in environment or interaction with other warm blooded animals



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