Are Instant Products Healthy?

With time pressures compressing our daily schedules, more and more of us are turning to meals that are quick and easy to prepare. This includes instant foods. But does the time savings come with a hit to the health? An instant food is one that has been dehydrated, so the only preparation needed for consumption is to add that water back. Usually this is hot water, which heats the food as it rehydrates it. Powdered foods are also included in the instant food category, even though most of us will think of something like noodle or soup packets when we think of an instant food.

While noodle soup was initially considered a luxury product after its introduction, now it is treated as a budget staple by consumers and food manufacturers. Japan, where noodle soup was invented, was soon followed by space programs who adopted the product for use by astronauts. Now, of course, the product is available worldwide.

Most instant foods contain high levels of various forms of salt, mostly for taste reasons to improve the appeal of the product. LDL cholesterol increasing fats are often present. And a laundry list of food preservatives that carry a whole host of health effects. Missing meals can be unhealthy, but over reliance on these convenience foods can be just as damaging.

Key Points:

  • 1Instant noodles and soups prove to be popular among many consumers. College students and working adults want to try these instant products for themselves.
  • 2But debate is underway about whether these instant foods are really that healthy. Consumers are worried about healthy problems that may ensue after eating instant food.
  • 3People already eat instant noodles and soups almost every day each week. Some are wondering whether that could present a big risk for modern consumers.

Examples of instant products are instant noodles, soups and ready-to-drink sauces, instant coffee, pudding and non-cooking jelly, and powdered milk.

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