Breathalyzing Fans at Super Bowl 50 | BACtrack

BACtrack send two of their reporters to attend Super Bowl 50 to ask how much alcohol football fans have had to drink. The reporters interview and interact with fans, and then gave them breathalyzer tests using the BACtrack breathalyzer. The BACtrack breathalyzer is a small piece of device, as small as 3-4 inches (about the size of a small flip phone), that people can use by blowing into the mouthpiece of the device to see their alcohol level. All of the fans who took the BACtrack breathalyzer test showed to have alcoholic level of over 0.02, which was displayed on a phone held by the reporters. Along with its own app, the BACtrack app has a built-in capability of allowing people to call for an Uber driver if they need a designated driver to take them home. The Bactrack is a breathalyzer device that shows result of alcoholic level on its app, and also allow for people to call for an Uber ride.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1People dont realize how intoxicated they are.
  • 2People think its humorous when they are over the limit
  • 3The app can tell people when they will be sober once they stop drinking

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