Diet Soda and Mortality

Diet Soda and Mortality

As I sit here drinking my diet soda and doing health research, I am yet again reminded of how our choices affect our health.  A recent European study looked at the consumption of regular soda (the kind with sugar) and diet soda, specifically what drinking 2 or more soda beverages per day did to your health risk.

We have all come to accept that regular sugar-sweetened soda is bad for our health.  There is just too much sugar for our bodies to process.  It affects our weight which can lead to obesity and diabetes and rots our teeth.

This latest study also showed a link between sugar-soda consumption and digestive diseases.

The answer to that was…..DIET SODA.

Yeah, we can still get that delicious kick of caffeine without overwhelming our bodies with all the unnecessary sugar!

Apparently NOT.

Unfortunately, artificial sweeteners are still an unknown when it comes to health.  Studies have shown and continue to show that there is some risk with consuming artificially sweetened drinks.

This latest study again confirms that drinking 2 or more diet sodas per day does increase your risk for circulatory diseases.

Diet soda isn’t the only thing to watch out for when it comes to artificial sweeteners.  Many of the flavored water choices out there are also artificially flavored.  So be aware and read labels!

A new twist was discovered when drinking any type (sugar or sugar free) of soda more than 1 glass per day shows an increase in risk for Parkinson Disease.

This was a large population study done over several years and included many European countries.  Which are good criteria for finding legitimate results.  However, as in all things health and medical related there is still a lot we don’t know.

My personal take away, I am going to try and limit myself to 1 diet soda per day and up my intake of water, plain regular water.  I would like to slide into old age as healthy as possible.

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