Exactly What I Ate To Get My Sugar Addiction Under Control

Exactly What I Ate To Get My Sugar Addiction Under Control

After decades of food manufacturers successfully shifting the blame for many health concerns onto fat, the focus is shifting to sugar. New medical research points to the heavily sugared modern diets as playing a key and unwelcome role in many medical issues we find ourselves dealing with.

Food manufacturers responded to the fat shunning crazes of prior times by turning to sugar. Examining the labels in the supermarket will reveal sugar is a key ingredient in many things, especially things you might not think would have sugar added. But it’s there, and it’s hard to avoid when you’re stocking the pantry with such products. Even turning to natural whole food options can leave you sugared up; fruits for example contain a lot of natural sugars. It might not be added sugar, but it’s still there, and will still be in your body if you don’t balance your diet out.

Vegetables are the easiest to turn to when trying to cut sugars down in your dietary intake. Most fruits do contain significant amounts of sugar, but some, even some kinds of berries, are lower than other fruit options. Meats are often low in sugars as well. And don’t forget about carbohydrates. Any carb will be processed by the body during digestion into sugar, so cutting sugar but loading up on bread can work counter to the desired goal.

Key Points:

  • 1Foods you commonly eat may have more sugar than you originally thought or assumed.
  • 2There may be a lot of alternate foods that are low in sugar compared to regular high sugar foods that you’re used to eating.
  • 3Starting a good diary is important in trying out a diet.

Most vegetables are low in sugar. Some fruits such as summer fruits (strawberries and raspberries) are low in sugar. Frozen fruits taste just as good when fresh fruits are not in season.

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