Filtered Water Vs. Bottled Water

Bottled water is a very popular option for many homes and offices; it is convenient to get and because there is usually nothing to install, the up-front cost of using bottled water is often very low. Filtered water is another very common option where you either install a separate water filtration system in your home or office or use the filtration system that came with your refrigerator. In either case, you get water that is safe enough to drink, but the two sources of water are vastly different.


Difference Between Bottled and Filtered Water

In this context, bottled water is not just water that comes in individual-sized bottles. We also mean water that comes packaged for your refrigerator as well as the water that sits on top of a water cooler. Filtered water is water that you get when you attach a filtration system to your plumbing system. These water filters have a series of filters that remove impurities like metal deposits and chlorine from the water.

Bottled water is sometimes filtered at the source when it comes from a municipal water supply or underground. If it comes from a natural spring or is explicitly labeled as mineral water, it has likely not undergone filtration. This is because some filtration systems remove beneficial minerals from the water and having these minerals in the water is the reason why the water is harvested from these natural sources in the first place.


Bottled Water Might Not Be as Safe as Most People Think

One of the biggest misconceptions about bottled water is that it is completely safe. While this is true for most brands, it is not completely true. There are lots of different naturally occurring contaminants that end up in bottled water if it is not filtered properly. Arsenic is a good example of these contaminants. It is highly toxic and has been linked to cancer.

Water filters can and do make your water safer by ensuring such contaminants are removed before the water reaches your glass. Although a lot of people use portable water filters they attach to their plumbing systems, many people are opting for refrigerators that come with water filtration systems.

These systems supply clean, safe, and great-tasting water which is best for home and office use. Before getting such a refrigeration unit, it is important that you ensure it has undergone water filter testing and that the details of this testing are available to you. Many companies that manufacture refrigerators with water filtration systems will gladly show you which tests their filters have undergone for your peace of mind.


Why Filtered Water Is the Better Option

Bottled water is very expensive, especially for homes and offices with a lot of people, and as discussed above, bottled water is not always as safe as a lot of people think. Second, filtered water can be used for much more than drinking. For example, if you frequently use water to make baby formula, you need the safest and cleanest water possible. Filtered water is exactly what you need in this case.

While bottled water might seem like a convenient option for a lot of people, and it often is, it is not always the best option. Filtered water, on the other hand, can be expensive in the interim but it justifies its cost over time by ensuring there are no health issues that will arise by drinking or using this water in any way.



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