Is Coffee Good For You? 6 Health Benefits

Drinking coffee can be beneficial for your health, according to many researched studies. Not only does coffee taste delicious, but it contains a high level of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients. Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages and is steeped into our culture. In the past, coffee was stigmatized because of the jittery and anxious mood certain people feel. As with most things in life, coffee should be drunk in moderation to reap all of the health benefits that comes with it.

The first thing that comes to mind when people think about coffee is caffeine. But, coffee also contains antioxidants and other active substances that can help protect against disease and help reduce internal inflammation. Here are some great health benefits you get from drinking coffee.


1.   Can Help You Live Longer

Many studies have shown that coffee drinkers are less likely to die from some of the leading causes of death in women: heart failure, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. One study in particular that was conducted in 2012 showed that participants who drank more coffee were significantly less likely to have died during the 12—13-year study. Since coffee contains a lot of antioxidants it helps protect the body against oxidative stress which is caused by damaging free radicals. This is important because oxidation is known to be one of the mechanisms behind aging and serious conditions like cancer.


2.   Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is very prevalent in the United States with more than 34 million Americans being affected. Type 2 diabetes means your body doesn’t use insulin properly which means glucose stays in the blood and isn’t used as fuel for energy. In one study, coffee drinkers had a significantly reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes as opposed to people who didn’t drink coffee. The study observed that people who drank coffee had a 23-50% lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes.


3.   Can Protect You From Developing Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is the most frequent cause of dementia and leads to progressive cognitive decline. It typically affects people over the age of 65 and currently there is no cure for this disease. However, numerous studies have found that coffee drinkers have up to a 65% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Specifically, people who drank two to three cups of coffee a day were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s in general.


4.   Contains Many Essential Nutrients

A single cup of coffee contains many essential nutrients that our bodies need to function. Not only is coffee low calorie, sugar-free, and fat free but it contains antioxidants, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and riboflavin. All of these nutrients found in coffee can benefit the human body in various ways. Coffee also contains an antioxidant called polyphenols. Polyphenols can help improve or help treat many different issues including weight management, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, and cardiovascular diseases.


5.   Can Improve Energy Levels

Coffee can make people feel more energized and less sleepy. This is due to the presence of caffeine, the most widely consumed psychoactive drug on the planet. Caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream after you drink coffee. It then makes its way to your brain. Once there, it blocks adenosine, which is a type of neurotransmitter that promotes sleep. This helps improve energy levels and various aspects of brain function.


6.   Coffee Can Give Your Workout a Boost

In many studies, caffeine has been shown to improve athletic efficiency when consumed in moderation. Improved circulation, increased muscle strength, stamina, and control, as well as pain reduction, are all benefits. This will help to push a little harder during workouts, resulting in stronger muscle strength and endurance gains. Additionally, caffeine can stimulate your nervous system and increase adrenaline levels which signals to fat cells to break down body fat. Given this information, it makes sense to have a cup of coffee an hour or so before you plan on working out.


Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world and definitely has a number of impressive health benefits. Be sure to limit the amount of sugar and dairy that you add to your coffee as the calories in each cup make the coffee less healthy. Instead, try adding a dash of almond or oat milk to your coffee for flavor but without an excess amount of sugar.

Not only can a regular cup of coffee make you feel more energized, burn fat, and increase physical health, but it can also reduce the risk of developing diseases like type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s no secret that coffee can help you live a happy and healthy life, so consider buying coffee in bulk so you never run out. If you enjoy the taste of coffee and can handle the caffeine content, consider pouring yourself a cup or more throughout each day.



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Zachary Tomlinson
20. May 2021
Zachary Tomlinson
20. May 2021
Thanks for pointing out that drinking coffee regularly gives you the energy boost you need to complete a day! I have a friend who's finding it hard to work every day because of distractions. Maybe we should look around for a coffee delivery service and try this out!


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