Make Your Monday Coffee Order A Little Bit Healthier

Make Your Monday Coffee Order A Little Bit Healthier

Coffee, Healthy. Should those two words even be used in the same sentence? Can they be? Is your morning caffeine addiction bad for you? Well studies show that there are ways to make your coffee mix healthier for you. A common debate is skim verses full fat milk. Which is better, more fat or more sugar? It’s a common misconception that skim milk has more sugar. Because of the skimming process it does have slightly more sugar but not enough to matter. By sticking to skim milk you will save a ton of calories without compromising taste.

Experts agree that trying to reduce the number of calories you drink instead of eat is really the best option.

Soy is another option but you do need to aware that soy has fat content in it.  There are other benefits to drinking soy such as reducing cholesterol levels. Just be sure to check your labels.

In conclusion yes you can enjoy your coffee and be “healthy” you should just stay aware of calories and sugar content. Things like mocha’s or flavored lattes are going to pack on the calories quick. Just be mindful of add on’s like sprinkles and whipped cream and limit those to very occasional treats.

Key Points:

  • 1Using skim milk instead of cream can save you about 350 calories a week, 18,200 calories a year.
  • 2Soy milks fat content can vary from one type to another, studies have shown that soy can improve your heart health.
  • 3Use caution when drinking coffee with sugar syrup, it’s better to stick to a smaller size.

Feren says that no one coffee order is ‘inherently bad’, it’s all about being aware of your intake over the day.