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Drink This Cocktail For A Glowing Complexion On Your Wedding Day

Your face has your health written all over it!  The first and most important step to have radiant skin is to eat a diet plentiful in a wide variety of vegetables, healthy fats like avocado’s, coconut oil, raw nuts and seeds, high quality protein like pastured eggs and chicken, grass-fed meat and wild fish rich […]

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Delicious Low Caffeine or Caffeine-Free Alternatives

Coffee and tea are popular and enjoyable beverages. However, drinking more than a few cups a day may affect your health. High consumption of caffeinated drinks can increase blood pressure, raise cholesterol levels and cause dehydration. If this is a concern, why not replace one or more cups a day with these delicious alternatives?

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Five Reasons to Eat Apples This Fall

As the leaves change color and summer comes to an end, most apple varieties are ripe and ready to eat. The fall season is a perfect time to add apples to your diet.  Not only will your taste buds thank you; you will also enjoy the numerous health benefits associated with this seasonal favorite. Here, […]

Coconut oil

Coconut Is King

Coastal towns and island mongers all have a secret up their sleeves: the coconut. Renowned for its versatility, this handy drupe is more than just a welcome ingredient in your Pina Colada. Used in Ayurvedic treatments for centuries, the humble coconut has a few surprises the modern world is unaware of. Uncovering other uses of […]

Five Tips That Will Help You Avoid A Hangover This Summer

Summer is the season of fun in the sun, but it can also be the season of the hangover. School and college are out, people feel a little more irresponsible, and those long days in the sun can lead to long nights in the bar. It is always best to imbibe in moderation, but you should […]

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The Many Re