There is good news on the way for all the people out there that love cheese. According to research, people that eat cheese are healthier than those that do not.

According to researchers in China, 40 grams of cheese per day can reduce heart disease by 14%.

Another study showed that it lowers the risk of stroke by 10%.

In spite of years of health advice which recommended avoiding cheese due to high fat content, studies showed no health risk from consuming cheese. Cheese is thought to increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol. It also helps to stop the clogging of arteries. Researchers claim that cheese contains many nutrients that are good for the human body.  The recommended amount of dairy is around 2.5 servings per day. The amount of cheese studied in the current research is about half of that. Nutrition Australia still recommends that the servings of cheese be eaten in a reduced fat form. The British heart foundation recommends that people avoid cheese and search for other dairy foods in order to get the nutrients they would normally find in cheese.

Key Points:

  • 1Despite its fat content, a regular but moderate consumption of cheese actually reduced cardiovascular risk.
  • 2A trans Atlantic study of American and British patients found both stroke risk and heart problems were less prevalent when cheese was part of the regular diet.
  • 3While some amount of cheese and other dairy may actually be healthy, researchers still suggest selecting for low calorie dairy options.

The latest study in China found those eating the 40g equivalent had the lowest risk of heart disease, and suggested that cheese raises levels of so-called ‘good’ cholesterol, while simultaneously reducing levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol. It is also thought to contain an acid that can help prevent clogging of the arteries.


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One thought on “The Case For Eating Cheese Daily Is Now Stronger Than Ever

  1. Judy

    I’m concerned about the many studies to sway people to eat a certain way. I love cheese, but I only eat it occasionaly. I would like the believe it’s true, But theses days I find it very challenging!!! And a study from China, I don’t know,? They make fake toxic food ,like eggs cabage… And I definitely can’t accept any thing from the FDA.

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