The Future of Good Food in China | Matilda Ho

The Future of Good Food in China | Matilda Ho

China is home to more than one point three billion people. They eat a lot of food, and have a rich culinary history. But with that many people, not everyone can readily tap into it. Many who grow up in poverty in China learn to practice not only patience when it comes to meals and where they’ll come from, but also how to scrounge and get creative to make eating regularly a reality. Some modern observers blame advancements in agricultural chemicals as being part of the problem for the food disparities occurring in China. And the Chinese government is having a hard time keeping up; problems with food safety are on the rise, and so are food related diseases such as diabetes.

Some small entrepreneurs are trying to help in their own ways. Many are organizing and opening local food markets, hoping to bring local farmers together with hungry customers so both can thrive. It can be a serious challenge, linking them, and sometimes the quality of what food can be on offer isn’t always the best. But as the operations get established, and farmers learn the benefits of participating to more easily find customers, the results are improving food safety for villages and towns across the country.

Key Points:

  • 1With one point three billion inhabitants, China needs a lot of food to feed its people.
  • 2The rise of modern agricultural chemicals and processed food is putting a healthy diet out of reach of many in China.
  • 3Some farmer’s markets are turning to the internet to link growers and suppliers with local customers.


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