Use Your Five Senses to Eat Healthier

Use Your Five Senses to Eat Healthier

 Food should be pleasurable, that first smell of coffee in the morning.  We use all 5 of our senses when we eat.

Sight: You start to taste your food the minute you see it.

Smell:  After sight the sense of smell starts.  The aroma hits your nose and mouth passing hundreds of odor receptors.

Taste: With your first bite your taste buds send messages to your brain about the flavor (sweet, salty, sour, or savory).

Texture: The texture of the food also affects your perception.  The more crunchy the potato chip the more it is liked.

Sound: Even sound effects how you view food, think of the crunch of an apple or the break of a bread stick.

If your senses all aren’t functioning due to illness (a cold for example), poor vision, reduced hearing or a medication you are taking you are not going to enjoy your food as much.  The taste will be off to you and the experience less enjoyable. This can lead to you eating less or choosing foods that aren’t as nutritious and healthy.

If you are struggling with eating healthy check out the tips in this article for amping up the appeal to each of your five senses.

Key Points:

  • 1Your senses all work together and influence the way that food is perceived.
  • 2If any of your senses are damaged, you will experience food differently.
  • 3If you enhance the sensory receipt of food, you can enjoy it more.

The instant you lay eyes on a food, you’ve already begun to “taste” it.

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