What Is Orange Blossom Honey? Health Benefits And Uses

Orange blossom honey is one of the best kinds of monofloral honey you can find on the market. It is a byproduct of collected pollen and nectar from the flowers of orange trees; though seeing as orange groves are usually found near other citrus plants, bees will probably collect some from those as well.

That’s why, while it is considered a monofloral type of honey — it may actually come from a couple of different species of citrus trees. Still — if the orange trees are the main source for the honey, we deem it orange blossom honey.


What is orange blossom honey like?

When it comes to the looks of this citrus honey variety — it’s pretty easy to spot among other types. First of all, its color is fairly distinguishable; we’re talking about a lighter gold color, which borders on white. And that’s another way to tell just how pure the source of the honey was; the purer it is and the less pollen from varied sources it has, the lighter it will look.

As for the taste and smell — this honey variety emits a fairly weak, yet still noticeable citrus smell; its overall aroma is definitely one of natural freshness. Once you taste it, you will probably find the honey to be sweeter than it first looks; the taste is delicate, though a bit acidic — reminding of the citrus fruits from which it came.

The honey is quite consistent and thick — which indicates that the moisture content inside is not high and that the flavor will be more intense. And the more honey is processed, the less thick and consistent it will be; also negatively impacting its overall flavor. It’s also worth noting that, unlike pine honey or acacia honey — orange blossom honey is far quicker to crystalize.


Health benefits of orange blossom honey

Luckily for any honey lovers — the orange blossom variety is absolutely brimming with all kinds of potential health benefits and uses. For example — the antimicrobial effects of orange blossom honey are somewhat stronger than with most other varieties. That’s why people recommend it for all kinds of uses in this vein. This property means that you can safely use it to treat acne scars and acne, but it’s also great at helping with infections of the respiratory tract; the honey will somewhat decrease the bacterial load of the infection.

When used for the treatment of bacterial infections, this honey frequently goes along with propolis and ginger for a, particularly potent combination. And orange blossom honey definitely has a lot to offer in this regard, seeing as it has a decent hydrogen peroxide content; as well as low moisture levels and acidic pH.

This type of honey is also frequently used to soothe a stomach ache; seeing as the honey can help with its antimicrobial functions and its low-moisture consistency. In fact, the latter is what makes it effectively attach itself to mucous membranes, providing a firm protective coating that allows for protection against harmful particles.

As a result, these membranes have the chance to heal quicker, because they have to deal with less simultaneous irritation and inflammation. Unprocessed raw honey is given to people for gastritis relief; especially in the morning, before any other meals.


Inflammatory remedy

When it comes to other home remedy uses for the orange blossom honey — one of the certainly most famous ones is its usefulness as a treatment for sore throats. This is another situation where orange blossom honey will do wonders for discomfort and pain reduction, as well as the calming of any throat irritations. Once you start eating it, it will attach itself to your throat lining — once more giving you a protective coating that makes localized healing easier.

Now, many people like putting orange blossom honey into their tea – teachers, writers, artists, and/or the average Jo. But if you want to do this for more than taste, make sure that the excess heat does not evaporate all of the health benefits.

Considering that, you want to wait for the tea to be at room temperature before you add the honey; otherwise, the heat will render all of the potential health benefits useless. In our experience, a combination of honey and additional propolis is a great treatment for bacterial infections; of course, if you don’t have a predisposing allergy to them.


Nutritional value

Furthermore, orange blossom honey is great for people with appetite disorders as well. Its citrus-esque sweet taste gives your meals a neat fragrance and a definite pleasing flavor. As a result, it can make your food tastier. But apart from that, it also harbors helpful enzymes which assist your digestion; enabling you to eat more and healthier.

Pretty much all varieties of honey provide ample nutrition and nourishment — and orange blossom honey is definitely no slouch in this regard either. You will find an abundance of natural carbohydrates which, in moderation, provide for better digestion. On top of that, they’ve got a small number of amino acids — as well as important minerals like sodium, manganese, zinc, copper, and potassium. If you’re someone who enjoys the sweet sensation of refined sugar but knows how bad it is for you — this will represent an excellent substitute.


Improving skincare routine

As we’ve mentioned above, orange blossom honey can definitely be an excellent addition to your organic skincare treatment. Ask anyone who’s dabbled in the mixing of their own face masks; usually, some raw honey is the best cleanser. You just rub it in, give it a little less than half an hour to work its magic — and then simply wash it away with warm water.

Afterward, you will notice that your skin looks far better than before; your pores won’t be as obviously noticeable, as they’ll be clean and closed. This is an excellent way to give your skin that perfect glow without making it oily due to the application of other kinds of natural oils. Over time, this treatment will assist in preventing acne breakouts, if you’re someone who has trouble with those.



Finally, we’ve saved one of the most important positive benefits of orange blossom honey for last. It’s one of the best sources of antioxidants you can find both in nature and among other honey varieties. The flavonoids and phenolic acids which it contains have extremely potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They are great for protecting your cells against all kinds of chronic disorders. So, if you make this honey a constant presence in your diet, it will definitely do wonders for reducing your levels of oxidative stress.



As long as you use orange blossom honey in moderation, and in the right way — you will be able to reap countless health benefits from an amazingly tasty treat! Just make sure you get your orange blossom honey from noteworthy manufacturers, and you’ll see your general health-improving soon enough!


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