Accepting Changes You Don’t Want: Post Bariatric Boobs

Everyone has things about their bodies that they would like to improve on. It may be taking something out or putting something in. Today many women and even men can now pick out their entire body in a magazine and pay a surgeon to build them. This can be good for some but some people tend to go over board with it. It is possible to  regret their changes they have made and by that time it is much to late. Women have been obsessed with having the perfect breasts for centuries. It is like having nice big perky breasts  can take the attention off other unsightly body parts. But what happens when you lose those? Don’t let it  be devastating. Make the best of what you have. Small, big, medium they are all beautiful when you have confidence.

Key Points:

  • 1Bariatric surgery is going to cause a lot of physical changes in how you look.
  • 2You will have to be open minded when you have bra fittings going forward.
  • 3Even when you do lose some size, the overall transformation should make you feel better.

It’s hard when you first realise that one of your favourite body parts has literally shrunk away to nothing.

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