Don’t Compare Your Journey

One of the worst things you can do when trying to lose weight is to compare yourself with literally anyone else. In the age of the Internet, information about other people’s experiences with losing weight is more available than ever before. The great temptation is to assume that just because it happened a certain way to someone else, it should happen that same way to you. Nothing could be further from the truth! Your body is your own and unique. As a result, your journey to lose weight will also be unique. The best attitude to keep while you’re on the journey is one of surprise. It might be a smooth transition or it might not be. Why squander your mood by worrying about it? Take joy from each step taken, each milestone reached. By committing to this task, you’ve already done better than all the complainers who talk loud but don’t back up their words with actions.

Key Points:

  • 1This article offers some psychological self-help advice in the context of dealing with weight-loss surgery, or bariatric surgery.
  • 2With the weight loss journey, it is tempting to compare ourselves to others and feel that we are coming up short, particularly over social media where everyone is always sharing details about their personal lives.
  • 3A healthier way to approach your bariatric surgery is to set your own goals for just you, and follow your own progress over time, without worrying about anyone else’s results.

See the joy in your journey, however close it is to what you hoped for or expected

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