GLOSSARY of Terms: Body Image. Body Dissatisfaction. Body Shaming. Body Acceptance.

GLOSSARY of Terms: Body Image. Body Dissatisfaction. Body Shaming. Body Acceptance.

Anyone who spends any time watching television, reading magazines or looking at social media posts is likely to be well-aware that certain body types are seen as desirable. If you believe what you see, you may quickly conclude that anyone who does not look fabulous in a bikini or low-cut dress doesn’t deserve to be seen in public. According to this blog article published by the Center for Eating Disorders, the emphasis on perfection can lead to body dissatisfaction and even body shaming. For a person with an eating disorder, personal dissatisfaction or bullying comments can lead to self-destructive behavior in an effort to achieve an unattainable ideal. The Center is promoting a campaign called #Bodypositivesummer, encouraging body acceptance of both one’s own and others’ physical appearance. Through this campaign, the Center encourages people to stop supporting unrealistic body ideals, both for themselves and for others, and to disassociate themselves from products and advertisements that promote such ideals. Overall, the Center wants people to feel comfortable engaging in whatever fun summer activities they would like without judging themselves or worrying about how others perceive them.

Key Points:

  • 1Body image is the way in which you view yourself, emotionally and otherwise.
  • 2Body dissatisfaction is a state of feeling negative about one’s body image.
  • 3Having a negative body image can be exacerbated by body shaming, or bullying over one’s body image.

Beauty standards (also referred to as the thin ideal or body ideal) are often narrow, unhealthy and down-right ridiculous for both women and men. These unattainable “standards” may also lead to dangerous behaviors, such as excess sun exposure, dieting, and potentially by extension, disordered eating.

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