Home-Delivery Meal Kits Are Easy — And, It Turns Out, Pretty Healthy

Home-Delivery Meal Kits Are Easy — And, It Turns Out, Pretty Healthy

Meal-Kit delivery services have been growing in popularity since they were first introduced in 2012. There are over 100 such companies operating in the US at this time. Customers go to the service’s website and pick out what meals you would like for the week, the company sends a box full of ingredients with detailed cooking instructions a few days later.

Consumer Reports decided to examine how healthy these meals actually are. Their experienced chefs , as well as some regular meal service customers were tasked with reporting their results. Although most of the boxes were full of vegetables, most services provided minimal nutritional information. HelloFresh being providing the best listing of each meal’s nutritional facts. The concerning problem however, was the liberal use of salt most recipes called for.

The meals are more expensive than if you bought the ingredients and made them from scratch but the meals almost all were highly rated as delicious, convenient and in some ways economical. With pre-measured ingredients like spices included, it can save you money instead of buying a pricey spice or seasoning you only use once. The meals are priced to create three meals a week for two people. The most well known services cost about ten-twelve dollars a portion with several dietary options available.

Key Points:

  • 1Meal delivery kits send consumers fresh, pre-portioned ingredients to consumers with recipes for them to prepare a complete meal.
  • 2While ingredients are fresh, limited nutrition information is provided, though most meals did contain generous servings of veg