What it’s Like to Struggle with Bipolar Disorder and an Eating Disorder

Mood disorders like bipolar disorder often co-occur with eating disorders. One person has both bipolar disorder and an eating disorder, and describes her life with both conditions. People are generally aware of the seriousness of eating disorders, and culturally eating disorders are being understood more and treated more seriously. However, bipolar disorder is still misunderstood and mocked in popular culture as being “crazy,” and the lack of understanding is a problem. The author suffered from several eating disorder relapses for mystery reasons that were due to her bipolar disorder, as her eating disorder changed with her mood–when manic she ate more, and when depressed she ate less. Her untreated bipolar disorder affected her eating disorder, but her eating disorder recovery is helping her with her bipolar disorder recovery and maintenance as well.

Key Points:

  • 1Bipolar disorder can be made up of multiple components at differing degrees, and seldom do two people function in the same way.
  • 2Having a mood disorder can fuel other disorders, such as eating disorders, which in turn can cycle back to fuel the mood disorder.
  • 3Bipolar disorder is so complex when other elements are factored in, that even your doctor my haveto become acquainted with how to treat it.

Why would anyone want to admit to something that everyone thinks is just insane?

Read the full article at: https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/blog/what-its-like-to-struggle-with-bipolar-and-an-eating-disorder


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