Maudsley Model in Eating Disorder Treatment

Realizing that eating disorders are an illness that the family needs assistance in combatting, the Maudsley Model is a three phased plan that incorporates professional knowledge with parental compassion. Otherwise known as Family Based Therapy, this model has seen success in clinical trials. It seeks not to hospitalize the ill child, but to train the parents, empower the patient, and educate the family unit as a whole. The three phases take place in the home, where a therapist will focus on refeeding, weight gain, reducing stress and the empowerment of the patient among other concerns. Using the family not just as support, but as a tool to assist in the healing of the patient, compassion and understanding are keys to Phase I. The success rate for those who complete the program is high, while the relapse rate at five years is low. Those seeking an alternative to hospitalization will find the FBT (Maudsley Model) worth investigating.

Key Points:

  • 1The Maudsley Model is a refeeding treatment program where caregivers play an active role in aiding in restoring their child’s weight to normal levels, help control their child’s eating, and encourage normal teen development through family therapy.
  • 2The Maudsley Model is most effective in children under 19, and when begun within 3 years of the onset of disordered eating, with the goal of empowering the patient.
  • 3Studies conducted on the long term efficacy rates of this model have shown that over 50% of patients who received this therapy were in full remission after completing the program.

Studies conducted on the long term efficacy rates of FBT, have shown that over 50% of patients who received FBT, were in full remission after completing the program[6]. 120 AN patients were studied at the University of Chicago and Stanford University and test the FBT efficacy. FBT and control therapies were conducted with regular sessions for 1 year. At the end of the 1 year period, those enrolled in the FBT therapy showed fewer hospitalization compared to the control group [6].

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