Fat Science by Dr Robyn Toomath

More and more research is being done into the causes and drivers of obesity. I have believed for a long time that obesity is not as simple as the old energy in, energy out solution that most people seem to be willing to offer up to anyone who is overweight. I heard of Dr Robyn […]

Mentally Preparing Yourself for Weight Loss Surgery

Mentally preparing yourself for weight loss surgery is something that is really necessary but is incredibly hard to do. How do you know what’s going to happen and how you are going to react? There’s absolutely no way to know beforehand. If you don’t do anything before surgery to try and ready yourself it’s going […]

What Do You See?

Next month, I will celebrate my 11-year weight loss surgery anniversary. After losing weight, it was hard to “see” the real me in the mirror. The vision of myself in the mirror still reflected the 300 pound version of myself. It was a while before my head and my body came into alignment. (You can […]

Q & A with Eating Disorder Specialist Sari Fine Shepphird: Part 1

The difference between healthy and unhealthy images from the media and the effects these images have. Magazines or tabloids push the theory that thin is better, not taking into account a personal journey, or that someone may be naturally thin or naturally big boned. Scrutinizing someone for gaining weight and making comments that suggest someone […]

A Guide to Weight Loss Surgery Acronyms and Terms

If you’re new to the world of weight loss surgery (or WLS) and you’re being a super sleuth online there might be a few weight loss surgery acronyms and terms out there that are leaving you a bit confused. I thought I’d write a post as your one stop shop guide to figuring out exactly […]

Dangers of Crash / Fad Diets Before Prom

Prom time is near and with that being in site, teens will crash diet. Crash dieting is not ever a good idea nor a permanent solution. What constitutes a crash diet? Everything from diet supplement pills to juice cleanses to all fruit diets. These are not the only form of crash dieting. Crash dieting is […]

Terminally Ill Obese People Less Likely to Get Hospice Care

An increasing segment of the population is obese. It has become a health epidemic. Unfortunately, not only does obesity lead to a lower life expectancy, 72 compared to 82 years, but being obese could also affect end of life care. According to new research obese people are more likely to spend the final stages of […]

A man with eating disorder is eating noodles

Connection Between Borderline Personality Disorder and Bulimia

Body systems are interdependent and disease states do not occur in a vacuum. So, it’s rational to assume, that one condition can help create, spur on, minimize, or maximize, another condition, which does in fact happen. This certainly can be the case with mental diseases. Boderline Personality Disorder, or BPD, was once referred to as […]

Three Genes Could Explain Why Some People Are Obese But Healthy, Say Scientists

Scientists are continuing to study the relationship between health, weight and lifespan.  New information is being discovered all the time.  A recent small study out of Denmark discovered that our genes can tell us a lot about how we store fat and the impacts that has on the health of an individual.  This study looked […]

Are Your Clothes Hurting Your Body Image? Challenging Clothes Size

Part of the process of adjusting and healing, when recuperating from an eating disorder, is learning to see oneself as the person they are becoming in recovery. Of course, that person may not just feel different, she may look different. When unrealistic expectations regarding body size have held sway for a long time, it can […]