Being a Mama — With an Eating Disorder

Beginning at the age of 17, Judy Tsuei developed an eating disorder. The disorder didn’t leave as quickly as it came; it lasted for 15 years. It took a lot of intentionality and a desire to be better to face off with this thing that had plagued her for so long. Finally, she did it! […]

The Medical Explanation for Your Most Common Anorexia Symptoms

Eating disorders are difficult to diagnose primarily because patients usually keep the disease’s signs and symptoms secret. There are, however, some common signs and symptoms that can aid in the diagnosis. Primarily, an eating disorder results in malnutrition and starvation, which in turn causes gastrointestinal issues. Physically a patient will complain of feeling full early, […]

Meditation: The Art and Gift of Slowing Down

Meditation has been shown to help those with an eating disorder.  Meditation allows you to not escape thoughts, but to more so retreat to a place of peacefulness, which allows you to recognize and accept an initial thought of anxiety, and then put it aside. Learning to acknowledge these thoughts is a gift. Many who try meditation have […]

The Spotlight: Athletes and Binge Eating Disorder

Fitness is widely viewed as a positive attribute and goal. However, it can, like many good things, have a shadow side. It’s one thing to want to look great in skinny jeans, or climb stairs without losing breathe, or even achieve a major life goal, like running a marathon. Unfortunately, though, for some athletes, the […]

How to Rewire Your Brain for Weight Loss

As a doctor of the brain and cognitive science, Some can tell you the research proves that the foods we consume today, and the way we consume them, quickly trigger changes in the brain that ultimately block weight loss by creating insatiable hunger and overpowering cravings. With the right food choices we can heal our […]

Relationship with Body Image and Mental Health