Prepare Yourself: Lose Weight Without Giving Up Carbs & Booze.

First off, no quick weight loss diets.   These never work for the long run.   Give up the idea of the diet.   The minute you start to restrict yourself you crave the very thing you’re trying to give up.  

How about changing small habits and behaviors when it comes to what you eat.   That is the path to success.   Set short term goals, once you reach one set the next small goal.   Make choices based on right this minute.  

Willpower is limited.   And you are not a failure if you aren’t perfect all the time.   The area of your brain that controls willpower is in your prefrontal cortex.   This is the part of your brain that controls focus, short-term memory, and assists in everyday tasks.   Changing too many behaviors at the same time won’t work you will have “cognitive over load”.   So start with one thing on your road to healthy eating.   For example: drink 2 more glasses of water; or eat 2 more fruits per day.   Once you conquer this move on to the next small healthy eating objective.

Key Points:

  • 1Set small goals for yourself every day and you will be more encouraged. Dont try to change so many behaviors all at once.
  • 2You don’t need to go without the foods you love. Just think of the “now” and choose what’s best for the moment.
  • 3Don’t dwell on the future when it comes to goals you want to achieve. Making change is hard, but possible.

Diet, nutrition, and any other food-related topic shouldn’t feel like Mission: Impossible.

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