The Web of Sabotage

It is very easy for others to sabotage your weight loss goals if you aren’t careful. Just in the same way that spiders design their webs to catch unsuspecting prey, it is easier to trust those around you to support your goals than it is to be constantly and mindfully vigilant all the time. Especially those closest to you, your friends and family and co-workers, or even your own inner voice, can easily lead you astray, encouraging you to eat more or skip your commitments in misguided acts of concern. The best way to combat these temptations is though a strong will power. When you catch yourself feeling tempted, remind yourself of your goals, you reasons for pursuing them, and the progress you have already made towards them.

Key Points:

  • 1Spider webs are tiny and thin, but five times stronger than steel and virtually inescapable.
  • 2Letting others define what is or isn’t acceptable for you to eat can sabotage your weight loss plans.
  • 3If your own willpower isn’t enough, remembering your own conviction can help you evade mental sabotage.

Defining my personal convictions in advance helps empower me to be true to myself and strenghens my beliefs

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