The Two Easiest Lifestyle Tweaks To Improve Your Blood Sugar

Diabetes has taken a strong hold in American culture. Adults are not the only ones affected, so are children. With obesity on the rise so is diabetes. Watching what we eat and counting calories has become a daily struggle for some. With the influx of gluten free, & sugar free foods, some people have found a balance, but not all of this luxury. We do know that just because an item is gluten free or sugar free does not mean you can eat more, or have faith that these items will save you from a high blood sugar. High blood sugar can be maintain, but only with responsible management. They are a few minor adjustments that can be made to your daily routine that can help keep your blood sugar at a healthy balance.

Key Points:

  • 1While walking after each and every meal may not be doable for everyone, it’s not all or nothing. Simply put, if blood sugar’s a concern, anytime you’re able, here’s a great incentive to add a few steps to your day.
  • 2Eating proteins, fats, and fibrous vegetables first, slows down the speed with which the body absorbs the meal’s carbohydrates.
  • 3While it’s important to bare in mind that these were both small studies, given that they carry zero risk, and that they’re both quick and easy, there’s certainly no harm done employing them.

And when eating their carbs last, their blood sugar levels were 29% lower after the first half hour, 37% lower after one hour, and 17% lower after two hours.

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