Warning Signs of Bulimia to Never Ignore

Bulimia Nervosa is a very serious eating disorder and is considered to be widely known about in the adult population. It is important though to know about the tell tail signs or symptoms of Bulimia in the event that a friend or a loved one is suffering from the condition, so that you can know and in turn seek help for him or her. Lots of these warning signs can go unnoticed, so it takes an acute observer to catch them. But it is believed that the disorder begins primarily with a distorted sense of one’s own body image. This is the psychological aspect which can be accompanied by emotional symptoms like depression and anxiety. A person suffering from Bulimia may also have a hard time concentrating, lack of energy, feelings of guilt, or in some cases even suicidal thoughts. The physical symptoms may be easier to observe as they are also scars or sores on fingers or hands due to the self-induced vomiting associated with Bulimia. A sore throat or raspy voice is another indicator that one may be Bulimic. It may take a professional to notice some signs such as swollen or damaged gums and teeth, or sores on the inside of the mouth. Sometimes Bulimics will hide food that they will then binge, and then purge, so a cache of hidden food may be another sign to look out for.

Key Points:

  • 1Bulimics induce vomiting, which can lead to a raspy voice, or sores, or scars, on their hands.
  • 2Since bulimics have a poor body image, a new sufferer might start to change their attire to a more dowdy, less revealing style.
  • 3Emotional and mental states to look for that could indicate bulimia include, depression, thoughts of suicide, feelings of worthlessness, fear of weight gain and helplessness.

An important part of assisting a loved one with an eating disorder is knowing the warning signs. In regard to Bulimia Nervosa, there are various physical, emotional, and behavioral warning signs that should not be ignored if noticed.

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