How the World Got Fat: A Visualisation of Global Obesity Over 40 Years | Max Galka

Obesity has been a very big problem in the world and it does not seem to be showing any improvements thus far. It is just so easy to eat what you want and not exercise and before you know it you could be gaining weight without realizing it. Studies show that since 1975 obesity has increased in every country in the world not just America. North Korea and Japan are the only two countries that have not had a major increase in the amount of obese adults. At the road we are going down I don’t see the number of obese adults decreasing. It is just to simple and much cheaper to purchase a double cheeseburger than it is to make a salad. Gym membership fees are not always affordable to those that need it the most. We have to be strong and do our best to change this epidemic ourselves. If not our children and children’s children will be the obese adults of the future.

Key Points:

  • 1Obesity rates have gone up in every country in the world.
  • 2Many rates are over 3 times obesity from what it was in 1975.
  • 3Watch the percentage of obese adults change in all countries around the world from 1975 to today on this global map.

Since 1975, obesity rates have risen in every country in the world, without exception. That includes countries like the United States and the UK, where food is cheap and abundant, and countries like Somalia and Angola, where malnutrition remains an epidemic.

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