So You’re Still Skinny Then?

In today’s society, genuine compliments are a rarity. People who have received gastric bypass surgery often fall victim to words that could be considered both compliments and insults. Many people who have undergone this type of surgery receive remarks from others about the drastic appearance changes. For example, one person heard the comment, “So you’re still skinny then?” Most people mean this in a good way, but some people say it in a different tone. The statement could be taken as an insult, meaning they were shocked the weight stayed away and expected weight gain. However, it could also mean they were pleased that the operation and days after were effective. People tend to only comment when they want to say something negative , but some only make positive remarks. Gastric bypass surgery recipients are often caught up in debate over whether a remark means well or should be considered an insult.

Key Points:

  • 1One of the things that most took me aback after my gastric bypass surgery was the comments from here, there and everywhere about my changing size and shape.
  • 2Then after a while, once I’d been at my goal weight for a bit, the comments stopped.
  • 3Initially the changes to my body size and shape were rapid and noticeable so I’m not surprised people were compelled to comment when I was in the rapid weight loss phase.

It does reinforce to me again just how obsessed we are as a society on our appearance and the size and shape of our bodies.

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