Baldness Cures Might be on Their Way

Baldness Cures Might be on Their Way

Funny remedies for baldness come from ancient tomes. Try boiling mustard oil with henna leaves. Massage it onto the balding areas of your head. Rub goose droppings onto your head. Search out a South American clinic that claims it will return your hair to the way it was when you were a teen. Of course none of these work, but desperate men feel that a full head of hair signifies strength, youth and virility. Men do not openly discuss their emotional reaction to hair loss, but they are depressed, feel like becoming a social recluse and might even contemplate suicide. It is not just looks, it is about a loss of control and the passage of time.

Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia happens when a man has a genetic tendency or sensitivity to the androgenic hormone named dihydrotestosterone. DHT is toxic on hair follicles located on the mid anterior scalp and the temples. The incorporation of nutrients is hindered and the growth stage of the follicles are shortened. Researchers are looking into the hormone problems that cause MPB (male pattern baldness), and there may be genetic and environmental factors not yet discovered that fully explains baldness. Scientists, who themselves are often bald, are continually looking for a breakthrough.

Hair challenged males might have a new glimmer of hope when it comes to growing hair and reversing baldness. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania say they have almost found the way to use stem cells to treat thinning hair. It works in mice. Using stem cells to regenerate missing and dying hair follicles is a potential way to reverse hair loss, it is not possible, yet to create adequate numbers of hair follicle generating stem cells. Scientifically these cells are called epithelium.

This is a high end baldness treatment that may be years down the road. So what can a bald person do now to recover their hair? There is only one over the counter medication for hair loss that is approved by the FDA. Minoxidil can’t bring back your hairline, but it can stimulate hair growth. Minoxidil is available as Rogaine or Theroxidil and it is sold in a liquid or foam. There are two strengths or strengths of 2% or 5%. Use it twice a day. Apply to your scalp and be patient. It can take more than 4 months to show any signs of hair regrowth.

Beware that you do not stop using Minoxidil. If you stop using it you will start losing hair again and your hair may fall out faster. If you have redness, dryness, flaking or itching you might want to resign yourself to being bald.

Finastride is a medication that stops your body from making the hormone that causes your baldness. You can find this ingredient under the brand name Propecia. Finastride is highly effective. It slows or maybe even stops hair loss in almost 90% of users. It has been reported that about two thirds of these same men regrow some hair.

Finastride is in pill form and you take it once a day. Your dermatologist may recommend you use Finastride in conjunction with minoxidil. The pill doesn’t cure hair loss and if you stop taking it, hair will fall out.

Side effects of Finastride are erectile dysfunctions and other sexual side effects. This is highly unusual but it can happen.

Try Biotin and or low level laser therapy. Biotin is a B vitamin. You probably get plenty of Biotin your diet if you eat egg yolks and liver. On the flip side, too little biotin will actually cause hair loss.

Laser combs and brushes can help halt hair loss. Dermatologists believe that when hair follicles absorb laser light, hair growth is stimulated. There is not enough evidence and scientific studies to prove these devices work.

Men who are desperate enough can try hair transplantation. The technology has improved over the years and individual follicular units can be harvested from donor sites above the ear and at the back of the head. Move these follicles to the thinning areas. The cost for a transplant is up to $15,000. Know what is at stake before attempting this solution. When hair transplants work, they are awesome, but if you are not a good candidate for a hair transplant, your results could be scary.

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