Does Plucking White Hair Causes More Hair Greying?

We age with time, but our hair does not. White hair has no precise age; you might get white hair in your teen-age years while your grandparent is still shining with his/her metallic black color hair. Younger or elder, if you have white hair then you are naturally inclined to pluck it out. For plucking out a white hair, you might be using equipment or your own hand.

But, has it ever crossed your mind, or have you ever warned by a friend that plucking it out will cause more hair greying? Don’t worry, because here we are going to learn the rationality of the myth.


What causes white hair?

There are several reasons for growing white hair; some primary reasons are: age factor, vitamin deficiency, over-stress, junk food, environment, pollution, genetics, several diseases, and smoking habits. Whatever the reasons may be, when pigment cells drop in melanin, then the hair will become transparent- causing the white or grey color.

Eventually, those hairs will completely turn into a grey color. When hair turns grey because age factor, it is completely acceptable, but if hair turns out white at an unexpected age, it needs a solution. There are some good supplements that fulfill the need of vitamins and minerals that cause hair pigmentation.


Rationality of Myth

You must have heard it; at least once in your lifetime that plucking white hair causes more hair greying. The myth is nowhere near the truth. Plucking out white hair does not invite more white hair to grow [1]. It is simply a misconception of people who do not know the science behind hair greying.

When you pluck out a white hair, which means that particular white hair was lacking in melanin. Now, when you pluck it out and say for instance,   if new hair grows up on that specific spot, then it will grow as white hair because those cells are lacking in melanin. Your surrounding hairs that are still black will remain black till they lack melanin.

Plucking out, one white hair does not invite 10 other more hairs to grow as white. It simply removes the white hair without damaging or affecting any other black hairs. So, the myth is not at all rational and from now onwards you can help people in understanding the fact behind white hair.


Is continuous plucking out harmful?

Now that you have known that plucking out white hair does not cause more hair greying, you might wonder if continuous plucking out is the right thing to do or not. The answer is, No..!! Continuous plucking out of white hair will create an infection in your scalp, might lead to bald patches, and possibly your scalp will form scars. You don’t want to pluck out white hair and pay the price for it.

Itchy scalp, scared scalp, and bald patches will be less healthy and less beautiful. It’s better to have white hair than to have an infected scalp. So continuous plucking out process is not so feasible an option to prefer.


What is a feasible option?

The best feasible option is either to pluck out white hair carefully or to stop white hair from spreading. Ensure that you pluck white hair out without damaging the root of the hair. While plucking, don’t ever break the hair and let the broken hair grow on your scalp. Ask help from experts in plucking white hair out. Be cautious and don’t let the white hair grow more frequently.


How to prevent white hair from spreading?

It is natural to have white hair, as you age. It’s not so common to have white hair at a younger age. You will be always conscious about your white hair and your looks. If you have already gotten white hair, the next best thing is to stop it from spreading. Follow some simple tips to stop white hair from spreading.

  • Massage your scalp and hair with coconut oil.
  • Eat a teaspoon, a mixture of Honey and Ginger.
  • Rub your scalp with onion juice.
  • Eat catalase-rich foods.
  • Apply a paste of curry leaves and yogurt twice a week.

Above mentioned tips are general for everyone but, if your scalp or hairs are getting more side effects than the effects of the above-mentioned ingredients or process then, the simple exercise to do is let the white hair be in its place.



When next time your friend, warns you about the negative effects of plucking white hair, then share with them the information you have learned from this article. Plucking out white hair does not affect the rest of the hair on your head. Hair greying has many reasons, but one of them is definitely not white hair plucking. Just because plucking white hair does not have a negative impact directly on the scalp or hair, it is not safe to continue plucking it out. In near future, continuous hair plucking can badly affect the scalp and hair.




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