A scientific explanation of the development of human hair gives the viewer an understanding of hair structure. Explaining the genetic reason for baldness, the video further goes into male and female baldness and hair transplantation. Hormonal influence on hair loss is demonstrated with colorful graphics to clarify viewer education. Basing the video on one adult male’s decision to get hair transplants, the viewer can see, in detail, exactly how changes occur in human follicles over time which causes hair loss. The video ends as the patient with the decision to get hair transplantation and provides some detail on how exactly the process will begin.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Genes determining hair loss are inherited from the mother
  • 2DHT shrinks hair follicles over time, resulting in weaker hair and eventual loss
  • 3Stronger follicles can be transplanted to replace those in bald patches

Natural bioRoot

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