How I Lost My Hair

It was astonishing and someone was kind of at right place at right time. Thanks for this video. My daughter is suffering from acne, and I was almost going to take her for acutane pills. This video will take you to the real picture of frustration to have acne and then most of people who take the wrong step and suffer for so many side effects, which they do not even know. I suggest people to see this video and be aware of this reality. He described detail with truth, and he still gave positive attitude towards the life. That was good!! Good luck to him. Most important thing he said, that he still gets the acne but, it was very sad that he lost his hair . I wish , there will be real natural cure for acne, specially for young teenagers. This video will be guide for young generation.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Man talks about how his hair thinned by the age 22 because of taking an acne medication (Acutane)
  • 2Guy got over his vanity issues and got over his anxiety of being bald
  • 3If he had known the hair loss was permanent, he would have not taken the acne medication

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