What Makes a Hair Transplant Successful?

What Makes a Hair Transplant Successful?

In the more than forty years that The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research has existed, Dr. Edmond Griffin and Dr. Ashley Curtis have performed thousands of hair transplant procedures on men and women from all around the world, and in that time they have come to believe that details make all the difference. It may seem efficient to pack as many grafts as possible into a small area, but this practice actually tends to overtax the blood supply to the scalp, compromising not only the health of the grafts but also the health of the hair follicles that are still present and growing at the transplant site. Decades ago, in the early days of hair transplantation, patients complained that their results resembled doll hair because large plugs were placed in straight rows across the scalp. Cowlicks growing in different directions than the surrounding hair can stick up in unruly patches, and natural whorls, where an area of hair grows in a circular pattern, can sometimes leave areas of the scalp more exposed than others.

Key Points:

  • 1The first sign of a healthy hair transplant is an healthy graft on the head.
  • 2There needs to be a healthy growth process of the hair afterwards.
  • 3The less scarring there is on the head, the better the replacement will take.

Our surgeons have extensive experience using a special form of closure that allows hair to grow through the healing surgical incisions, making the scar much easier to conceal, and since our grafts have such a high individual survival rate, we can achieve exceptional coverage using a smaller donor area that leaves behind a correspondingly smaller post-surgical scar.

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