How to Style Hair Without Damage

Depending on the techniques you use to style your hair, you may be causing damage to your hair in the long term. Noticing breakage and hair loss can be the first signs that your techniques need some fine tuning. If not addressed, some of the poor hair-styling techniques could leave you with permanent hair loss. The American Academy of Dermatology offers several tips based on styling technique or styling tools to prevent damage. By constantly asking the questions by dermatologists, you can keep your hair looking great for years to come. One key factor when styling your hair is allowing it to dry before starting to style since wet hair is more apt to be damaged (unless you are of African decent). Don’t overbrush your hair. Don’t overdo it with styling products that hold your hair in place. Keep heat settings in mind, like when you use blow dryers, flat irons, or curling irons. Limiting use of these styling tools can help. Finally, hairstyles that put tension on hair, like ponytails, shouldn’t be worn constantly. Of course, if you have any questions about how to take care of your hair, ask your dermatologist about how you can limit damage. Dermatologists can help you provide even more tips on caring for your hair in the long term.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Common hair styling choices and tools can damage our hair causing it to be brittle, frizzy, or even fall out
  • 2Excessive handling of hair when it is wet is a very common way to cause hair damage
  • 3It is important to see a dermatologist with questions about how to properly handle your hair

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