Understanding the Different Stages of Hair Growth

If we want to cure our hair issues, we have to know in which stage it is, and with  that information determine  how to approach to our hair. There are four stages of hair growth, the first one is the longest one and can take about  a decade of time, and that is the growth of hair. If we want our hair to be healthy, we also have to eat healthy. All the other three stages are much shorter than the first one, and are occurring  while the old hair is resting and the new one is coming. All this stages can be mixed up in one period, so it is important to know in which one is your hair and to help  make the right decisions.

Key Points:

  • 1Hair grows from the root, or the follicle, that is located below the skin.
  • 2During the Anagen stage hair continues to grow to about half an inch every month.
  • 3Exogen stage of hair growth is where the old hair finally shreds and new hairs continue to grow. About 50-150% of hairs fall out daily.

In order to foster the healthy condition of your hair, make sure that you provide it with the right nourishment. After all, your hair is your crowning glory.

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