What’s the Best Hairbrush for Thinning Locks?

What’s the Best Hairbrush for Thinning Locks?

Losing lots of hair through your daily brushing? There are many types of bushes that will help alleviate this problem. Losing hair while brushing is not necessarily a problem as most people will lose hair every day. This is part of the normal shedding process for human hair.

If you have a hair loss condition there are some things to consider before buying a brush. The more flexible and soft the brush is the better it is for hair retention. Boar brushes distribute your natural hair oil from the roots to the tips making hair shiny.  Beware store brand brushes are usually 100 percent nylon.  Vented brushes can help hair dry faster if you blow dry your hair.  What if you prefer to comb your hair? A wide tooth comb is best and combing hair while wet helps the comb slide through tangles without pulling out additional hairs.  Brush and comb design is up to you but do look for the softest bristles or widest tooth comb to limit damage.

Key Points:

  • 1Over-brushing your hair or using the wrong bristles can trigger hair loss.
  • 2For women with diffuse thinning, boar bristles are the most pliable and gentle brush materials on the market.
  • 3Avoid metal combs, unless styling wigs. Metal combs are too harsh on the scalp and prohibit your follicles from healing properly.

However, over-brushing your hair or using the wrong bristles can trigger additional hair loss.

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