Part 8 – Natural Ways to Improve Your Vision – 10 Part Series

Part 8 – Natural Ways to Improve Your Vision – 10 Part Series

This is a continuation of our series on Natural Vision Correction.  Get to Part 1 Here.


Legumes are powerful sources of nutrition, and they provide your body with an excellent dose of zinc and bioflavonoids, which help protect the eye’s retina. It also reduces the risk of developing any age-related eye condition in the future such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Countries in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, where diets are high in lentils, haricot beans, kidney beans, and black-eyed peas, have lower rates of cataracts than countries that diets don’t include such high amounts of legumes.

Grass Fed Beef

Dismiss any information that tells you beef is unhealthy. When eaten in moderation, beef can boost your health ten-fold, especially your eye health. Always opt for the leaner, grass fed versions, but beef in general has high amounts of zinc. Zinc works together with vitamin A, a vitamin essential for eye health. Zinc helps assist the absorption of vitamin A, so essentially vitamin A is useless without zinc. With the combination