5 Careers On The Cutting-Edge Of Medical Science

Given the life-changing and lifesaving potential of modern healthcare, it’s no surprise medical science involves so much cutting-edge technology. Many medical professionals use or rely upon the latest tech to diagnose disease, determine treatment, and uncover cures.

With this in mind, those interested in pursuing tech-based careers should consider entering the medical field. Even if you can’t stand the sight of blood or find your bedside manner lacking, there’s bound to be an exciting career option available.

The following are five careers on the cutting-edge of medical science:


Laboratory Researcher

At any given moment, thousands of lab researchers are hard at work trying to unravel the mysteries behind disease and unlocking the door to viable treatment. In doing so, they use state-of-the-art technology ranging from cell sorting devices to supercomputers. Whether it’s analyzing infectious agents, studying cancerous growths, or observing the effects of potential cures, lab researchers are the unsung heroes of medical science. Nobody ever sees them, but everyone depends on them to get the proper care they need.


Informatics Specialist

Doctors and nurses are increasingly overwhelmed by the volume of information made available to them. To prevent analysis paralysis, hospitals and medical centers are employing informatics specialists to lend a hand. An informatics specialist devises systems and protocols to help doctors and nurses make the best decisions possible on behalf of patients. They accomplish this by performing duties and tasks similar to those of data scientists and analysts; informatics specialists see patterns in the data and act accordingly.


Genetics Counselor

The future of medical science will rely heavily on genetics as a way to devise the best treatments for patients. A genetics counselor is someone who analyzes an individual’s genetic profile and compares it to existing data. They offer tips and suggestions for preventing disease and improving quality of life. For instance, a genetics counselor can advise someone of an increased risk of stomach cancer due to recognizable indicators in their genetic makeup. Better yet, they can provide helpful advice for reducing the chance of developing cancer, such as lifestyle changes and regular screenings.


Simulation Developer

Nobody gets to become a commercial airline pilot until they’ve proven themselves in a flight simulator. The same is increasingly true for surgeons and other medical professionals whose skills and experience can mean the difference between life and death. The result is a growing demand for simulation-based medical training, driving up the premium placed on developers capable of designing such systems. A medical simulation developer is essentially applying game development skills to the medical field. But instead of creating graphics for fictional mayhem, you’re designing graphics to help save lives.



If you need open-heart surgery, wouldn’t you want one of the top ten heart surgeons in the world to perform the operation? While that traditionally requires A+ health insurance and the means to fly to a hospital halfway across the country, the ability to pick your surgeon is becoming more accessible thanks to the advent of telesurgery. While still in its infancy, telesurgery utilizes robotics and remote technology to allow a surgeon in one location to perform an operation on a patient who could be thousands of miles away.


Modern medicine is always on the cutting-edge of science and technology. The latest and greatest treatments and cures incorporate state-of-the-art developments and breakthroughs. Those interested in pursuing careers involving high-tech equipment and revolutionary science need to look no further than the medical field.

Unlike most fields, in which profit is the mission, healthcare is all about outcomes. What’s more, the intended outcome is always to make someone’s life better and give them as much of it as possible.



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HealthStatus teams with authors from organizations to share interesting ideas, products and new health information to our readers.

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