Dr. Michael Everest – A Medical Hero Transforming Lives Daily

If there was ever a way to describe an angel, you could possibly say that Dr. Michael Everest is the perfect example. From the beginning of his career, he always had in mind to make a difference in people’s lives, and that is precisely what he has done!

In the beginning, he attended Sutton Valence School in southeast England, and then he continued on to St. Mary’s Medical School. Once he became a junior doctor, he served people at Paddington Central, St. Mary’s, and Central Middlesex Hospitals.

He worked alongside Richard Asher and Stan Peart, Dr (Cocky) Cockburn. He then worked at David Bruce Military Hospital in Malta, fulfilling his National Service duties. In 1969, Dr. Michael Everest was a consultant physician in general medicine at the Sussex, Kent, and Pembury Hospitals.

Some of his most memorable patients included treating conservative prime minister Harold Macmillan and his young son, Maurice. In addition, he has performed countless treatments and procedures throughout his career that helped many people thrive.

He witnessed the many advances in both medical and surgical cardiac treatments throughout his lifetime. But that was just the beginning of the beautiful journey he set out to embark on that would change many people’s lives over time.


Everest Foundation and Resident Medical Group          

Dr. Michael Everest had a clear vision when he became the Chairman of both the Everest Foundation (non-profit) and Resident Medical Group. He helps pave the way for future doctors by using his philanthropist mentality and offering clear directives to medical graduates worldwide.

When Dr. Edwin Everest (his father) passed away in 2008, it became a goal and passion for carrying on his legacy. This is how the Everest Foundation came to fruition and still operates today with the same objectives, to help people better themselves.    

The Everest Foundation continuously uses its efforts to help support and fund various research programs to assist medical students with all the available opportunities today. Dr. Michael Everest mentors and guides a team of professionals that can help improve the medical world.

Some of the key support is provided to:

  • Research
  • Medical Schools
  • Doctoral Fellows
  • Medical Residency Positions
  • Graduate Education Programs

It is also known for the incredible opportunities it offers higher learning institutes in other areas of the world, including third-world countries. Together they work to provide scholarship programs for international students that originate from low-income places and otherwise would not be able to get the education they need to be successful medical practitioners.

The Everest Foundation recently donated $25,000 to Caring for Caregivers, which supports all veteran caregivers, something that many people often forget about. But this is just one of the many donations that this foundation has offered to make the world a better place.

They also donated $10,000 through the Helping India Breathe initiative, which helps by being a part of the cure by providing essential items, such as PPE and oxygen.      

Dr. Michael Everest and the Everest Foundation assist fundraising events globally to help educate and spread the word about how vital medical students are to the future. When a resident doctor is appropriately placed in a residency program, all kinds of good things are on the horizon!  


Telephone Angels Program

The Telephone Angels Program, aka The Everest Foundation Telephone Angels Program, is a non-profit designed to help individuals facing critical illnesses. It provides companionship to those that need it and offers meals that are tailored to specific needs.

The Telephone Angels Program was launched in 2020 to assist people who were ill and facing unprecedented times due to the worldwide pandemic. It uses a network of volunteers to connect with people via telephone calls who are feeling lonely or isolated.

This has helped tremendously for individuals who otherwise would have no means to communicate or get the attention they needed. Besides the traditional telephone communications, they also offer social check-ins.

These volunteers are not necessarily medical professionals, and they do not treat any illness or medical conditions. Still, they do provide the comfort and companionship that many of these people desperately need.      

With Dr. Michael Everest and the Everest Foundation’s continuous sponsorship, the Project Angel clients will continue to get the help they need without any worries of being alone. This also helps ensure that new volunteers are trained and ready to be matched with individuals with specific needs.    


Dr. Michael Everest Present Day

Today you will find Dr. Michael Everest helping medical graduates successfully partner with medical residencies through his position as Chief Academic Officer at Residents Medical.

He is also actively participating in the success of both the Everest Foundation and the Telephone Angels Program. He strongly believes that when doctors are given the opportunity to thrive, the future of medicine is in the best hands.

Building Tomorrow’s Doctors, Today!    




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