Ever Wanted To Become A Yoga Teacher? Now’s Your Chance!

There are many different yoga teacher training courses to choose from. With a massive amount of information and courses available online how do you know you are choosing the best Yoga teacher training program for you and your career? Here are some things to consider.


Why do You Want to Become a Yoga Teacher?

Start with this. Ask yourself honestly why you want to become a Yoga teacher. There are a variety of reasons people feel called to trying this, commonly they want to be of service to others. Yoga may have changed or healed your life in a way you would like to share with others as a support and guide on their life journey. You may be drawn to the spiritual and devotional paths of Yoga, or the path of the knowledge seeker. There is no question you will have a passion for Yoga, even if you are not quite aware of all the aspects that make up the philosophy, history and practice of Yoga. When you are choosing the best Yoga teacher training program for you, make sure you consider the curriculum, the course duration (including the hours of training and mentorship) and the financial commitments. These need to align with your highest objective for becoming a Yoga teacher.

Demi International, an RTO located in Queensland, Australia, has been delivering qualifications in health and beauty for over 10 years and has recently added the Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice 52792WA to the list of reputable courses they offer. The team behind Demi International understand the importance of preventative health care and the management of stress in our fast-paced lives, therefore they are strong advocates of Yoga practice. When looking for the right course with thorough training in the ancient science of Yoga and best practices, they looked at the curriculum, the course duration and what the cost would be to students.



The Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice is of the Krishnamacharya lineage and is Hatha based. There are many styles of Yoga in the Western world today that have many benefits for those who practice. The most popular for Yogi’s and Yogini’s is to become a Yin Yoga teacher, Bikram or Iyengar Yoga teacher. The basis of Western Yoga is Hatha Yoga and therefore the course is a great foundation as you start the journey to becoming a Yoga teacher. The Advanced Diploma of Yoga covers the whole science, history, and philosophy of Yoga as well as important training on the Australian health system and the Western model of health. It is a wonderful mix of East meets West. In this Yoga teacher training course you will study 24 units covering:

  • History, philosophy, Yoga sutras and Yoga Asanas.
  • Anatomy, physiology, and understanding the Yoga client/student.
  • Energetics of Yoga science including the Gunas, Doshas, Chakras and Koshas to name a few.
  • Yoga Business.


Course Duration

The minimum requirement for a Yoga teacher in Australia is 250-300 hours of training. This is the perfect model for Yoga teachers who use Yoga to complement other health practices or who wish to deepen their own Yoga practice. However, the Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice increases the minimum requirement substantially with approximately 1200 hours minimum of training to include specific training in meditation, relaxation techniques and Yoga practices for therapeutic purposes, such as helping alleviate depression, anxiety and addiction. One of the main reasons this course was developed was to lengthen the duration of in-depth training so Yoga teachers were better-equipped long-term, with ongoing support for 12 months and beyond into their professional careers.


Financial Cost

Yoga teacher training course costs can vary depending on the location of the course, the length of the course and the inclusions. The Advanced Diploma of Yoga is designed to be delivered in one location over 12 months, so students develop a supportive relationship both with their teacher and local Yoga studios for extra mentoring. Included in the training cost with Demi International, you will receive your yoga kit. This includes a textbook bundle and other resources to help you understand the sometimes complex theory and philosophy of Yoga.   It is important that students are set-up with the best resources and materials possible to support their learning journey. The other benefit of this course being longer in duration is that the financial commitment can be spread on an interest free payment plan over 12 months, reducing the amount of financial commitment required upfront.


Having considered these important factors of a thorough Yoga Teacher Training Course Demi International has chosen to deliver a course that is a pathway for those serious about deepening their knowledge and practice of Yoga and improving the lives of others through Yoga and Yoga therapy. Learn more about the Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice 52792WA at Demi International now.


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