How To Grow Your Optometry Practice

How To Grow Your Optometry Practice

Building a thriving optometry practice requires you to find innovative ways of boosting patient satisfaction. You also need to continually identify practice management opportunities. Success in business is hinged on revenue growth. To grow your practice you need to provide excellent services, have efficient systems, and have a growing stream of patients coming in.

There are numerous things you can do to bolster the growth of your practice. For one, you need to find professional consultants. Here are key tips on how to grow your optometry practice:


Collaborate with Fellow Physicians

Some of the best patients you can have are those referred to you by your colleagues with whom you’ve cultivated mutual respect. To keep the stream of referrals going, you need to communicate effectively with all the physicians who pass on their patients to your practice. Always provide them with timely updates on their patients.

A clear and precise report on your examination can shine a light on the overall physical condition of their patent. They’ll consider that when deciding on where to refer their patients with eye issues.


Practice Holistically

Patients usually visit optometrists due to eye infections and allergies, or issues relating to their vision. But you shouldn’t restrict your treatment to their reason for coming; instead, your services should extend to the full scope of your accreditation.

Sure, you should address the concerns that brought them, but you should also check if there are other issues you can help them resolve. A routine appointment can turn into a pleasant experience thanks to you spending a few more minutes with the patient.


Collect Feedback

Self-awareness is an often undervalued ingredient for growth. Learn about your blind spot by allowing your patients to narrate their experiences with your practice. 

A patient survey is a short and sweet way of quickly identifying problem areas. You get patients to provide feedback as they kill time in the waiting room and as they depart after the appointment. You should also consider emailing the survey to them or offering it on your site f