Selecting a Medical Billing Company – 6 Important Factors to Consider

As humans we do not want to compromise when it comes to safety.   And to help feel safe we often purchase health insurance, life insurance and property insurance when necessary.   With the advent of COVID many are feeling uncertain and unsafe, due to the destabilization of the economy, the worry of infection from others and even visiting our doctors and hospitals seems risky.

As we all are witness that the pandemic of coronavirus has disturbed the whole world badly. People are practicing the social distancing due to COVID-19 situation. In this pandemic situation, the foremost job is to improve the health facilities for people around the globe. Providing them with telehealth services or maybe giving them the comfort of insurance seems like priority now a day. This can make it difficult for the billing companies to handle the cumbersome number of patients increasing day by day. The increase is obvious when the hospitals these days are busy handling Covid-19 patients.

What is a billing service?

The first thing to understand about the billing services and how it works. The billing services are those companies who have claims to provide insurance to the people. The medical billing services is a process which comes up on following the claims on health insurance companies to provide medical assistance through better and proper healthcare service.

The healthcare services then claim the billing provided by medical billing. To understand in a better way, let’s try the following procedure:

  • The insurance company contacts you and gives you a special deal for your health care service.
  • After accepting the offer, you have to pay the charges every month to the insurance company.
  • In case, you got sick then you can claim the insurance money for treatment.
  • All your expenses will return back through reliable insurance company.

The much simple explanation gives an idea of generally understanding the medical billing. Once you claim the medical billing, it is then coded. The biller or coder may be the same person, but the difference is that the coder provides the whole data through classification system and then biller process and follows up the claim provided by the health care system. Usually, the insurance company (medical billing service) gives the location for the health care service, making it easy for them to code and decode the process of claims.

How to choose a medical billing company?

Here we will give a brief idea about it in detail. The things which should be focused on providing the best medical billing services must be considered.

Here are few useful but effective tips for selecting a medical billing company:

  1. Keep the Data Secure

Always look to those companies which have a strong and secure connection. These companies do not let anyone access vital personal information. Providing the best security possible must be their priority. Your medical billing company should be committed to keeping your Protected Health Information (PHI) safe all the times. It is a big red flag if this isn’t a priority for your current  billing company or those that you are considering partnering with can’t promise to deliver a high level of security when it comes to your data.

  1. Easy Access to Your Claims

The company should provide an easy access to your claims. Quick answers and readily available information are important.   Do not work with anyone who avoids contact or does not promptly get back with you when you have questions.  Your medical billing company should never restrict you from your data. If you find yourself unable to run reports to measure the effectiveness of your billing  service, then chances are your practice is losing revenue due to  poor performance. This can create a huge problem for your practice in terms of money and lead to more  problems when you choose to switch to another service. If you are facing some sort of problem accessing to the old claims, you should decide to switch to another billing service. It is a simple rule that the new service can’t just pick up where the old billing company  left off and work that old AR.

  1. Delivery Details

The company must be active in providing the monthly or weekly detail on all billing and claims. Online access can make this process easy for you and your billing service.. If you aren’t receiving monthly reports and comprehensive analysis of the data provided, you should to find another medical billing company that allows you to run and access your reports whenever you want.

  1. Improve Services

The company should be up to date and keep its technology up to date. There must be no risk of any involvement of outsiders or cybersecurity threats. A great medical billing company will constantly be improving their use of technology and upgrading the services they provide to help you solve the ever-emerging challenges of your industry.

  1. Professionals

It is a mandatory step to select a professional and reliable billing company in order to optimize your income flow. No matter the size of your practice there is a medical billing service provider that is a good fit for you.    If you have a bigger budget and want value-added services, there are companies able to offer additional services out there. Some billing service companies include slightly more features than smaller medical billing companies. So, ask more questions about the specifics of the service they provide.

  1. Analyzed Promised vs Actual Benefits

Now that you have narrowed down the services you desire with a good fit for the size of your practice make sure the billing service provider actually delivers on what they promised.   Finding reviews online can help you determine if they are honest and follow through with what they say.   Recommendations from other physicians can help you also determine if this is the right company for you.


If the financial numbers are convincing and if you feel a billing service company offers better value than having your in-house team keep up with your accounts receivable, then finding a reliable, professional billing service company is paramount for you.



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